The Benton Area School District serves students from the boroughs of Benton and Stillwater and the townships of Benton, Fishing Creek, Madison, and Sugarloaf- all in Columbia County.

L. R. Appleman Elementary School, Park Street, Benton 925-6971
Benton Area Junior-Senior High School, Park Street, Benton 925-2651

Enrollment: 845
Professional Staff: 65


The Bloomsburg Area School District serves students from the town of Bloomsburg, as well as the townships of Beaver, Main, Hemlock and Montour- all in Columbia County.

Beaver-Main Elementary, R.R.3, Bloomsburg 784-0309
W. W. Evans Elementary, 59 Perry Avenue, Bloomsburg 784-3168
Memorial Elementary, 500 S. Market Street, Bloomsburg 784-7885
Bloomsburg Middle School, 1100 Railroad Street, Bloomsburg 784-9100
Bloomsburg High School, 1200 Railroad Street, Bloomsburg 784-6100

Enrollment: 1,796
Professional Staff: 128


The Berwick School District serves students from the boroughs of Berwick, Briar Creek and Nescopeck, as well as the townships of Briar Creek, Hollenbach, Nescopeck and Salem.

Fourteenth Street Elementary, Market & 14th Streets, Berwick 759-6429
Mulberry Street Elementary, 6th & Mulberry Streets, Berwick 759-4372
Nescopeck Elementary, Dewey Street, Nescopeck 759-6426
Orange Street Elementary, Orange & Orchard Streets, Berwick 759-6422
Salem Elementary, 10th & line Streets, Berwick 759-6418
Berwick Middle School, 1100 Fowler Avenue, Berwick 759-6416
Berwick High School, 1100 Fowler Avenue, Berwick 759-6407

Enrollment: 3,600
Professional Staff: 235


Central Columbia.
The Central Columbia School District serves these townships in Columbia County: Scott, North Centre, South Centre, Mt. Pleasant, Mifflin, Orange, as well as boroughs of Orangeville and Mifflinville.

Central Columbia Elementary, 4777 Old Berwick Rd., Bloomsburg 784-6120
Central Columbia Middle School, 4777 Old Berwick Rd., Bloomsburg 784-6103
Central Columbia High School, 4777 Old Berwick Rd., Bloomsburg 784-2833

Enrollment: 2,200
Professional Staff: 145


Columbia-Montour Vocational-Technical.
Columbia-Montour Vo-Tech serves high school students from Columbia and Montour County with a variety of technical and vocational programs.

Columbia-Montour Vo-Tech, 5050 Sweppenheiser Drive, Bloomsburg 784-8040

Professional Staff: 44


Danville Area School District serves students living in Rush Township, all of Montour County (except for Anthony Township) and the borough of Riverside in Northumberland County.

Danville Elementary, E. Front Street, Danville 275-7570
Liberty Valley Elementary, R.D.1, Danville 275-8561
Mahoning-Cooper Elementary, 1605 Bloom Rd, Danville 275-8562
Riverside Elementary, 5th Street & Avenue A, Riverside 275-8563
Danville Middle School, Northumberland Rd, Danville 275-0114
Danville High School, 600 Walnut Street, Danville 275-4111

Enrollment: 2,943
Professional Staff: 233


The Millville Area School District serves students from the borough of Millville and Greenwood, Madison and Pine Townships.

Pine Primary, R.R. 1, Millville 458-6788
Millville Elementary, Battin Lane, Millville 458-5594
Millville High School (grades 7-12), 3rd & Chestnut Streets, Millville 458-5547

Enrollment: 913
Professional Staff: 72


Southern Columbia.
The Southern Columbia School District serves students from the borough of Catawissa, as well as Catawissa, Cleveland, Franklin, Locust, Ralpho and Roaring Creek Townships.

G. C. Hartman Center, R.D.2, Catawissa 356-2331
Southern Columbia Area Junior/Senior High School, R.D.2, Catawissa 356-2331

Enrollment: 1,404
Professional Staff: 87


Private Schools
Bloomsburg Christian School, Bloomsburg 784-7661
Greenwood Friends School, R.D.2, Millville 458-5532
Heritage Christian School, P.O.Box 281, Berwick 759-2951
Holy Family School, St. Joseph's Building, Berwick 752-2021
Lourdes Regional High School, 2001 Clinton Avenue, Coal Township, Shamokin 644-0375
St. Columbia School, 40 E. Third St, Bloomsburg 784-5932
St.Cyril's Academy (for girls), Railroad Street, Danville 275-1505
St. Joseph's School, 511 Ferry Street, Danville 275-2435