Professionals who make the purchase
of your home a labor of love...

Purchasing a new home is perhaps the biggest financial investment your family will ever make.

But money is often not the most important factor influencing a home-buying decision. Feeling just right about the features of your new home- its neighborhood, the schools, your community- these are important considerations that affect your decision.

After all, you're going to live in this investment.

That's why the professionals at Susquehanna can play such an important role in helping you make the right decision.

All our people are full-time real estate professionals.

Services your Susquehanna professional offers

    For the Buyer

  • familiarization tours for transferred buyers
  • professional mortgage prequalification
  • assistance in searching for financing alternatives
  • service 7 days a week

    For the Seller

  • free competitive market analysis
  • customized advertising and marketing
  • prequalifing of prospective buyers
  • personalized, professional staff services
  • service 7 days a week

    Commercial and Investment Real Estate

  • financial qualification of buyers
  • assistance in securing financing
  • professional property analysis
  • packaging income and expense data
  • market analysis to establish fair market value, lease and rental figures

Our only job is to help you make the best home-buying decision for you and the ones you love. We take pride in our work- and that's why we devote our time and energy to serving your needs.

Not all real estate agencies have the same philosophy. Many hire part-time sales associates who may sell only three or four properties a year.

We think that buying a home deserves more than a part-time commitment.

At Susquehanna, we believe that selecting a home deserves the best we have to offer...and that means you get our full-time support when you're choosing the next home for your family.